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Investment Incentives

The Government of Cabo Verde welcomes investors from EU and other industrialized nations, especially for touristic and export oriented projects.

The investor enjoys the following advantages:

  • Preferential access to EU markets through the Lomé treaty;
  • Preferential access to the West African Markets of the ECOWAS zone;
  • Preferential access to the U.S. and the European markets due to the most favored nation status;
  • Multi-lingual population;
  • Low wages;
  • Political stability;
  • Diversified landscape with a wide range of leisure opportunities;
  • Temperate climate.

The investment incentives of Cabo Verde Government include:

  • Exemption from corporate tax for the first years for external investors;
  • Exemption and subsequent reduction of property taxes for investments in tourism projects; 
  • Tax credit in the case of re-investments;
  • Exemption from import duties for the import of investment goods;
  • Exemption from import duties for the import of raw materials and other inputs during the investment phase;
  • Possible recognition as a free zone enterprise;
  • Unrestricted re-export of dividends, profits and capital.